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What the Hell Happened to Albertsons and How to Cope with a Fresh New Market

3 November 2009 By: Casey 7 Comments | News & Events

Yesterday I went to what was formally known as Albertsons to pick up a few baking supplies and found myself wandering around in a dream-like state. Employees were dressed in casual hospital green colored t-shirts and there were signs telling me that my Albertsons discount card was no longer welcome. “A Fresh Market” posters and banners filled my vision. Bags of sugar were  being given out for free. I asked myself, “Who the hell are all these people and what in God’s name they do with my beloved little supermarket????”

Was this a case of the body snatchers? Had Zombieland moved into Park City and taken over everything we knew and were comfortable with? Or did I just forget that Albertsons has been bought out by Associated Food and spaced that they would be switching most of the Utah stores over this Autumn. I think it’s safe to say that these newly styled ”green” employees were in fact human, and just working under a new parent company.

So here’s the facts for those who care to know:

  • Albertsons, previously coined “Albies” by yours truly, is now a Fresh Market. The Fresh Market is owned and operated by Associated Foods Store. They’re marketing themselves as “local” and “green” but it looks like just another trendy ploy to get you to buy into something that is still more or less very corporate. (note: Yes, I will still be shopping there when I run out of everyday essentials including, but not limited to: cookies, ice-cream, top ramen, tampons, and toilet paper.)
  • The Fresh Market finally has their pharmacy up and running. Trust me, I was not happy to see that they were closed this Sunday for inventory when I needed my Rx at the last minute. I was even more dismayed when they were closed for a good portion of yesterday (Monday) while staff met their new POS system. For those who needed their Rx’s, everything is operational now – bring on the drugs!
  • There is no need to carry around your Albies loyalty card anymore. There is also no need to lie to your check-out lady and tell them that your Albies card got stolen by aliens just so she can scan her employee card for you to get your $1.43 savings on your $267.00 purchase. I’m pretty stoked about this, how ’bout you?
  • You’re going to have to remember not to write “Albies” in your checkbook register when balancing your account. I’m thinking “Freshies” will have to suffice from now on. I’m sure many bottles of white-out will be needed for this incredibly rough and nerve racking transition.
  • Associated Foods is actually a Utah based company (in case you want to know) so the store is technically “local”. Associated Foods is claiming to have lower prices than Albies, I’ll believe this when I see it. *fingers crossed* On a side note, does anyone else remember Alpha Beta’s?
  • Both Albertsons in Park City have been purchased by Associated Foods, as well as 34 other Albertsons in Utah. So you are not alone in missing your favorite Albies, counseling sessions might be available in a few weeks for those who need them.

So now that we’ve gone over the facts, I’d like to ask for a moment of silence. If you have time or feel it necessary, bow your head, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Farewell Albertsons, it’s been fun. It’s been real. Good luck with your remaining stores and thank you for everything! See ya in the check out line!

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  • Pen & Joe said:

    Nooooooooooo…….. First they take Alpha Beta away from us; yes, we certainly do remember that store. Because before A.B. we had to drive to SLC for a supermarket. Not that Albertsons was wonderful, duly noted after shopping in Publics (in Fla) where one can get the best “black & whites” in the world! … but that’s another story. However, we did get used to Albertson’s and our special key ring discount tags. So…. where do we sign up for the counseling sessions?!?

  • jjulkunen said:

    lets see if they will carry local products from local farms or will they be pressured by big outfits that have been running the smaller farms out

  • Steve said:

    The change from Albertsons was definitely a disappointing downgrade. Previously I shopped at Smiths; I guess I will again. I still have their card.

  • Aaron said:

    I miss it too. then again I worked there. Still would if Associated didn’t take over. I know that all those fine associates or team members as they are called now will take care of you all just as well as they did before. I just wish I could still work up there.

  • Kenny said:

    I’d like to point out that “The Fresh Market” is a chain only located in the eastern United States and that the logo you are using is for this chain. THE Fresh Market happens to be a very very good grocery, albeit more expensive but also carrying a high quality product.
    Homepage: http://www.thefreshmarket.com/

    The Fresh Markets owned by Associated Foods are out west, and are totally different. This is the chain that took over Albertsons. They are pretty bad, and nothing like THE Fresh Markets in the east.
    Homepage: http://www.freshmarketstores.com/

    It’s a marketing ploy, and pretty clever at that. However, having grown up in the east with the good Fresh Market, I don’t want to see them get bashed, especially while using their logo.

  • Casey (author) said:

    Thank you for pointing out the logo for the east coast version of The Fresh Market. The logo has been updated.

  • Arla E. Baragar said:

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ALL who are dissatisfied with the “FRESH” market persona. FRESH – no way!! Plus the prices charged are waaaayyyyy higher than the “FRESH’ one can purchase at Smith’s or Whole Foods. I live just up the hill and will drive to either Smith’s or Whole Foods – even in a raging snowstorm if necessary – to shop for freshness at good prices.

    P.S. When does the tag “mail” translate into “e mail address” ?? Yet one more “block” so that you will not have to listen to the consumer?????

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