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We are two Park City local residents who love to eat well, play hard, and take part in all that is Park City. Oh wait, you wanted to know about Taste of Park City, not us. Let me try this again…

Our Story: A few years ago, we decided to pool our resources together and create a comprehensive online restaurant guide for Park City. Our goal was to house all the Park City restaurant information into one database so that tourists and locals could have a “go-to” spot on the internet for local dining info, menus, pictures, reviews, and so on. Our other goal was to become fully self-employed and develop similar guides in every ski town across the West as an excuse to follow epic powder storms on a weekly basis. With the dreams of making tons of cash off SkiTownRestaurants.com and the motivation of offering a cool resource that was sorely needed, we quickly spread into Colorado and now offer restaurant guides for Aspen, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, and Winter Park. You can check those out by clicking here.

So, where are we now? When we finished developing Colorado, we immediately returned to Park City to get full time jobs, as a restaurant manager and a software blogger, in order to pay the bills. Currently we maintain SkiTownRestaurants.com as a hobby and recently decided to help stimulate the Park City restaurant economy by building Taste of Park City.

Taste of Park City is our blog/zine/publication dedicated to Park City restaurants.  We write about what’s new, offer local dining specials (cha-ching!), and cover events that our readers might find interesting.  We also review restaurants and give inside information in our Editor’s Picks section.  Basically, we figured that everyone else was blogging, so why not us? Plus, it’s a good excuse to eat out,  a lot!

Oh wait, you actually want to know who we are?

About our Staff:

Kevin ~  Director of Operations, Powder Hound, Poker Player Extraordinaire

Kevin helped found SkiTownRestaurants.com in 2008 and has since been a vital force in helping birth both of our blogs. Kevin is responsible for keeping our sites alive and well while contributing mouth-watering restaurant reviews. Kevin also spends his time enjoying the best things that Utah has to offer – fine food, gnarly single track, and sick pow lines.

When not helping our staff stay sane when code goes bad, Kevin finds ample time to keep at least four poker games going on on his second monitor. Talk about one talented man!

Favorite food: Chicken Parm, Buffalo Burgers, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


Casey – Editor in Chief, Social Media Ninja, and Deep Snow Seeker

Born as a Park City native by two ski bum bartending parents, it only made sense that Casey grew up loving two things – Food and Snow. Casey co-founded SkiTownRestaurants.com and Spreadstoke.com and has worked as the Director of Marketing and Editor in Chief of all three sites. When not skiing or biking , Casey can also be found writing restaurant reviews, directing our creative efforts, marketing to our clients, and wearing a variety of hats.

Casey often finds herself craving sushi, baked goods, and of course, fine wine.


So that pretty much sums up who we are and what we do. If you are a restaurant interested in promoting your coupon for free, get ahold of us using our Contact Us page.  If you just want to give us money and keep this running, we are happy to accept your donations, via paypal, to cover our hosting costs, web upkeep, or an occasional, and much needed brewski.